Location: Marina Cay

In the morning, at about 6, all onboard the Squeakybrat were jolted awake by the sound of the anchor raising. We left our previous anchorage at Mountain Point in order to go to the day’s dive spot- The Dogs, which are a few tiny islands relatively close to Virgin Gorda. Upon getting there we did a 23-foot dive to the best reef that we have seen yet. The vibrancy and the color contrast of the different fish and coral were magical. However, after the dive, there was not much rest to be had. After a quick snack, we were ready to get underway again. We had a long sail to Trellis Bay during which we practiced many tacks and jibes. We also rotated jobs while sailing so everyone had time to helm as well as trim the sails. About two-thirds of the way through the journey the torrential downpour began. Although it became extremely wet, we all had a wonderful time singing songs up on deck in the heavy rain. This rain kept intensifying and even made attaching to a mooring difficult. Our time ashore was plagued by the weather, but we still enjoyed a great lunch at the one open restaurant. Back on the boat, we stayed down below in order to escape the storm. However, despite the storm, what seemed like 100 flies from down below are now all gone, and all of Squeakybrat had a great time. date: Aug 7, 2017