Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

After waking up to so very “interesting” music, we all ate breakfast underway and then while underway, it started to rain the hardest I have ever seen in my life. While all of the other shipmates on all the boats around us went inside to take cover from the downpour, all of the shipmates on our boat went to the bow and sat in the rain. Then after a minute all of the shipmates got the idea to take a shower in the rain. Then we went on a dive, and some saw a turtle and a lobster. Then after the dive was over, we went underway by sail, and we had wind breaking 30 knots. Then we played games in the cockpit, and it was a lot of fun and helped us get to know one another. It was a great bonding experience. We all are excited to see how fun the rest of the trip will be.