Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

I woke up this morning after I came in from outside raining. They said that we would be sailing for a few hours and possibly waterskiing. We had eggs for breakfast while the sun was shining. After we finished breakfast, it started to rain and wouldn’t stop for the rest of the day. Later we took off, and we sailed for about three hours and stopped for lunch. After lunch, we sailed another three hours in choppy waters. Some people sat in the cockpit while others slept and played card games below. We anchored in the bay and held a lesson on diving, then showered. It was still raining, but the water was warm, and I enjoyed it. Earlier Ralph named a fish that we thought was a tarpon “Tammy the Tarpon.” We later found out it was a barracuda and got pictures of it. Pasta Alfredo was for dinner, and everyone answered the squeeze question and started cleaning up. Later we will be continuing the diving lesson and got to bed. Although it rained the whole day, I enjoyed it.