Location: Marina Cay

Today was a very good day! I woke up an hour earlier than usual; at 6 am, as today was my turn to be skipper and I wanted to leave with everything done early. This meant waking up the two chefs at that time as they had to make pancakes and we had to eat at 7 am. The pancakes were good. After we sailed to Ginger Island, where we had a great dive, and some people saw a nurse shark. Then we sailed to Marina Cay where we moored outside the dock. We were dinghied to the Trellis Bay where we spent some time ashore while the crew docked to fuel up and fill up with water. We were then dinghied back to the boats. We are now waiting to have dinner, and then we will be dinghied to shore to have a Lifeworks forum with all the Action Quest and Lifeworks people. The favorite part of my day was sailing the catamaran the whole time; even off the dock. Hi mom.