Location: West End, Tortola

Our last day at ActionQuest was a mix of quarantined activities and reflection over the last three weeks of our summer. Our morning started with preparations for today’s main event, the infamous race day. We started out strong coming off the lineup and taking a quick lead. Emotions were riding high, but we quickly lost our lead. If it hadn’t been for Outside The Box’s issue with steering of the wind, we might have stood a chance, but instead, we finished last after a long fight with two other boats. After a quick lunch consisting of whatever we had left in the fridge and cabinets, we cleaned the boat. Cleaning, as well as the free time that followed it, gave everyone the chance to reflect on our time in the BVI. It’s truly been a long and winding road full of unknown and exploration, yet despite it all, we pushed through and came together as a group to have fun and make the best out of our situations. We ended the day quite the opposite of how we started it, by being together after watching The Life of Pi, eating barbecue from Pussers, and sitting on the hard top of the boat starring at the stars. Finally, we cut up our boat’s ActionQuest flag and prepared for our various journeys home tomorrow—what a long road it has been to get here. As I have said every day throughout this trip, I have hope that tomorrow will be another good day.