Location: West End, Tortola

It was a hectic/exciting last full day so far. We got up, were told how our day was gonna go. Since I’m skipper today we had a skipper’s meeting on Mike’s boat and discussed the race plans. I steered to the lineup and then we were off. Found out just how difficult it is to steer a huge boat! Amy took over after a bit, I’m pretty sure we made it in third place. Those dang Laurasians can really book it! It was nice having the relaxing breeze always rushing against us to keep us in the pack. Well now we are almost to West End where it all began. Everyone is cleaning away hopefully we won’t have much more time before we get there so we can have some shore time. I’m pretty sure we are all excited for the BBQ and get together tonight! It should be pretty intense for the last night. I’m sure we will see a bunch of pranks from tonight tomorrow ha. I’m sure none of us regret coming to AQ this year! I’ll definitely be coming back next year! Me so many awesome people and some friends now. The whole program is just a great experience and thing to do. Plus who wouldn’t want to wake up on the Caribbean water every morning! The view is really worth doing this every year! I can’t wait for next year! Thanks ActionQuest! PS. another reason to come back and why you would love AQ would be all the boats are like family and we’ve all gotten close over the past 18 days. That’s basically what I wanted so I’m glad we all got to experience it!