Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was race day. The crew was treated to a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs. As skipper for today, I was required to attend the race meeting where we discussed the first race of the day, including the route and starting positions of that race. Saleya was starting in sixth place. The race was one tack, downwind battle with Saleya finishing in fourth place. West End; half time. Each boat, all eight of them, docked for a refill of water as the crews all went on lunch break to Omar’s Cafe, which provided a nourishing and satisfying meal for me. Soon after, I played some card games with my crew before leaving to the next meeting. Saleya was starting in the 7th position. The race spanned for about three hours. With help fro Chris we had a very smooth and fast race. Lascaris, the only boat to beat, narrowly escaped defeat after having an amazing start which won them the race and left us with an acceptable second place. To finish off the day we were joined by Mike and his wife Jo from Mexican night made by June and Charlotte. The food was great. Today was a pretty chill day which hopefully everyone had fun with — signing out.