Location: West End, Tortola

Today, we woke up excited and ready for race day. We coasted our way to the start of the race, where we were met with all of the other catamarans. After about an hour of intense and fun racing, we came third! There might have only been 4 catamarans racing, but we weren’t last, and that’s all that matters. After the race, we did a deep cleaning of the boat, which was just as lovely as you can imagine. The best part of the day, however, came when Cordelia debated her way into getting Davis to pick up pizza from shore, and we all had a hard-earned pizza feast. After that, we chilled around until it was time for our barbecue dinner! We took a stunning sunset dinghy ride around until we could eat. At the end of dinner, we had our last squeeze round, which got a little emotional and bittersweet. Now, we are getting ready for bed and savoring our last moments with each other before we have to leave. This night was a bittersweet one for sure, as we’re all ready to go home but very sad to leave each other.
A very emotional goodbye from us all,