Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we woke up to a beautiful rainstorm that left all the shipmates sleeping outside, including myself, soaked, but it was funny once we were all dry! For breakfast, we ate oatmeal and juice, which gave us the energy to try and tag turtles. Although we didn’t catch any, we were really close and got to see how magnificent turtles are. We then set sail for Road Town where we could eat and shop. There, we bought ice cream, shirts, and the girls on the boat got friendship bracelets. After we left, the sailing race of the century between all dive site boats started. Our boat had a rough start and ended up really behind. We didn’t care though and had an amazing ride dancing and making turskhead bracelets. We had breakfast for dinner to refuel after the tiring race that ended up with us being dead last. Today was an amazing day that brought us even closer than I thought we could be and made me sad to leave but I am glad I have all these memories!