Location: West End, Tortola

Everyone was up pretty late writing their AQ cards and were a little sleepy this morning. I woke up early and surprised everyone with peanut butter and Nutella pancakes. Then I went to a skipper’s meeting with Al while everyone else got the boat ready to race from the Bight, around a channel marker in Road Town, and finishing at Peter Island. We placed fourth with Greg at the helm. Afterward, we began our huge clean of the boat, removing everyone last hair and speck of dirt both down below and on deck. We had a late lunch in West End where we docked for our final night. We have a BBQ on the dock tonight with all of AQ. Everyone’s all packed for fly day tomorrow and excited to be done cleaning. It’s been another fantastic session, and I know all members of Wicked Good are leaving with awesome memories and new friendships that will be sure to last.