Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today went fast! We started with oatmeal for breakfast, and then I left with Greg to Spindrift for a skipper’s meeting. After they told us where we were going (West End), and our race lineup (we were #6), we got racing! The race was a little stressful, but still lots of fun, and we got in second place! Just after we crossed the finish line, we decided to tease the boats coming in by sailing in hammocks! It was really funny! Then we got a few hours in West End to relax and eat lunch (really yummy), and then went back to racing! This was a different race though because it involved much more tacking and it was much longer. We had a really good race, lots of heeling over and going fast, and that technique landed us in second place! Again! We started dinner soon after we got to Peter Island, which was an awesome Mexican night done by JP and Charlie. Afterward, we went on another night dive, which was loads of fun, and there was a lot of bioluminescence. When we got out, we took showers, and then we were all so exhausted, and we crashed wherever we could fit. Awesome day!