Location: The Bight, Norman

Today we woke up to pancakes cooked by Izzy and Lizzy. After breakfast, most of the girls went turtle tagging while the boys went wakeboarding. We showered then set sail to Road Town for lunch. After a few hours in port, the race began. The four dive side boats raced to Norman Island. Rescue took the lead followed by Mambo No. Five, Blue Venture then Panasea. This afternoon we hung out on the boat and began our cleaning and packing. For dinner, we had Asian noodles and pasta. Following dinner was a food fight with the left overs between Tillie and Matty. The whole crew can agree that the trip has flown by way too fast. With nobody wanting to leave the BVIs, tomorrow is going to be a dreaded day of cleaning and packing followed by a final beach BBQ.