Location: West End, Tortola

Today began with an exciting and fast-paced race with the other mono-hauls on the sail side! We had a fun time sailing fast, listening to music, and bonding as a boat on our last day. After a close race, we came in third place as we pulled into our home base, West End. We began our “boat appreciation,” where we spent some time cleaning up the boat that we have called home for these past few weeks. After our big clean-up, we ordered a bunch of pizza to the boat, and all chowed down. After this delicious meal, we spent some downtime on the boat hanging out, swimming, playing games, and talking. We even put up some hammocks on the deck and hung around in those for a while. We ended our final night with some delicious food from our “take-out style barbecue” and did our final squeeze of the trip. As we head home tomorrow, we will all miss spending time together and having fun every day in the BVI’s!