Location: West End, Tortola

Today started off with some cereal before Linda, and I rushed off to the skippers meeting to explain what was going to happen with race day. In the meeting, we discussed what position on the line we were, we got the spot second closest to the wind (which is the second-best one)! When I got back, everyone had prepped our boat for race day and was ready to go. We put on face paint and started pulling up our anchor to start heading out to the start line! I started off helming then passed it over to Zack at the halfway mark in road town. WE GOT FIRST!!!! It was a super fun race, and it was awesome because the other Minerva boat came in second!!!! After the race, we celebrated for a bit before lowering sails and starting our big boat clean up on our way back to West End. After arriving in West End and finished cleaning up we got a bit of shore time. To finish off the night we had a barbecue than had a little bit of time on the docks to hang on the docks before heading to bed. It was an amazing trip with a great group going to miss it!