Location: West End, Tortola

We had started our day with a 7 am start with cereal and brownies from last night. I rushed through breakfast to get to the skipper’s meeting, explaining what was going to happen with the race that day. When I returned to the boat, we had started to prep the boat for the upcoming race. Once we headed out, we practiced a few race tacks. Then after 10 minutes of practice, we all lined up for the race to begin. When the race started, we had started in 4th place and stayed there until we rounded our mark and pushed ahead of the other two boats while rounding the mark. We stayed in second for the 2nd half of the race wand finished there as well. When we were done celebrating for a few minutes, we started back to West End, where we had all started. On the way to West End, we began the long cleaning process after we had been cleared we had some shore time for a few hours. To finish the trip off, we had a nice barbecue.