Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up at 7. Breakfast was cereal and the remaining oatmeal, which would fuel us for race day. A skipper’s meeting was held before the race on our boat with all eight boat’s staff captains and student captains, including myself. Jake briefed us all on the first race, which was a straightforward race between two islands. Positions were randomly picked, and unfortunately, Sans Souci was unfavorably positioned 7th. To keep the boats as flat as possible all of us crew sat on the windward side of the boat. Sans Souci came in 6th, which wasn’t bad considering where we started. We then came along shoretime, where we had started this whole journey at West End, where we ate lunch and bought snacks. Another skipper’s meeting was held to discuss the afternoon race, which was an upwind race to Great Harbor, Peter Island. The rest of sail side had already left, and Sans Souci was left filling up with water. This put us a long way behind in the race. We decided the best way was just to motor the entire way, which we proceeded to do. We anchored and showered and Mexican night preparation began.