Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was race day. As skipper, I attended a 7:30 meeting to brief us on the conditions of the race. The course and guidelines were discussed, along with numbers being drawn for our starting positions. Blue Tide secured a second-place start. Upon return to Blue Tide, the sail was raised, and anticipation raised just as high. We moved to the starting line, all hands on deck ready. With the countdown reaching one, the jib was unfurled, and we made our way. Our fleet of eight was off. With me at the helm and my shipmates on the lines, we dashed towards the finish line. Pushing close to 9 knots, we sailed close behind Lascaris and Breeze. We soon caught a strong gust, pushing us ahead of Breezy with only a few feet of advantage and us being on their port side, we stole their wind, boosting us forward. Saleya made a sneaky approach to us both, threatening to overtake us and obstruct our wind. However, Saleya could not surpass before we took second place and crossed the finish line and cruised into West End port, where our journey with ActionQuest first began. With a feeling of victory fresh in our minds, we eagerly headed ashore for some food. After a few hours, we returned to our boat. Most boats prepared for the next race, whereas Blue Tide headed for an afternoon dive at The Indians. Soon we arrived, broke into buddy groups, and descended to the world below. Afterward, we showered, dried off, and are now headed underway to an anchorage for the evening.