Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was race day. I honestly thought that Nick would be at the helm because he would be our best bet of winning. I was informed that this would not be the case when we told me we had a skippers meeting at 7:30. The morning race was to Steele Point. It was an easy drag race. I was nervous because I didn’t want to let my boat down. My morale was boosted as we readied the starting line and everyone shouted 5-4-3-2-1. As soon as the race started, Nick put on Welcome to the Jungle, and he started blowing his trumpet. We were all doing a sort of war dance. Then after that, we listened to Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. That got us in the mood.

We were on the end so all the other boats were stealing our wind. At first, I didn’t have high hopes for this race, then we started gaining speed. Mary Jewell was in the lead, but we were catching up. For most of the race, we were in second place. Right as we were approaching the rocks that acted as the finish line, Wicked Good snuck right in there and snagged second, leaving us with third. We had lunch at the biggest port yet. It was actually where we started so it was kind of depressing because we know that’s where we are going to end as well. After a great lunch and a bit of shopping, we all met up at the dock. Our afternoon race was canceled so we all got to chill and take early showers. We also had an early dinner, Mexican night II. Tonight we are going to have a review for our written sail test. We’ll see how that goes!