Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today began with a delicious breakfast of pancakes. After we finished breakfast, half of the shipmates went on a relatively shallow dive, and the other half went water skiing. On the dive, we saw many kinds of fish and even a few crabs. Once the ski and scuba gear were all stowed and put away, we went on an hour long sail across the way to Road Town. Upon arrival, we got an hour and a half of time on shore to grab lunch, shop at local stores, and contact home. Once time was up, we suited up for the most important part of ActionQuest- race day!! Even though we were towing the highest amount of dinghies, we still came in second place! Now that the race is over, we are showering and preparing a dinner meal of cheddar broccoli pasta. After dinner, we will be going to bed for the second to last time aboard Luna Kahuna. It is saddening to think about only having one more day of AQ left. I am going to miss everyone on this boat so much!