Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was the last day of proper AQ activities. We woke up this morning in GHP, had some pancakes, and motored over to the Rhone Anchor. The reef hides the anchor of the Rhone, a wreck dive we did very near to the beginning of the trip. After all the gear was away, we headed over to Road Town, the largest port we’ve been to so far. For the last couple of days, everyone has been talking about how excited how we are to get into Road Town. Chris raided the Best of British shop, and Leo spent a lot of time in the local electronics store playing guitar. I think almost everyone got Gelato as well. When we got back to Mahi, we prepped for the big race. All the towels and bathing suits were taken off the lifelines. We had already decided that for the race, we would wear black. Someone bought zinc in port, so we had war paint on our faces. Love of My Life came in 1st; Peeps was 2nd, we were 3rd, Drums was 4th. It was a great race, but we had some issues tacking. The finish line was the anchorage at Norman Island, where we are staying tonight. While I was writing this, I looked up and saw one of the most beautiful sunsets so far. After the dishes are done, everyone is writing our cards, which are little letters we write to each other individually with a memory or something you like about them. None of us can believe that the session is over. We’re all looking forward to our beds and a proper shower, but no one wants to leave. This place is indescribable. We all have this amazing island state of mind going on. I’ll miss it when we leave.