Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was the most wild and intense day of my entire life. After arising at approximately 6am, we enjoyed a hearty bowl of oatmeal. I then embarked on a skippers’ meeting before the great race. At precisely 9am the countdown began. Luckily I put the team on my back and took the helm. We unfurled the jib once the countdown was finished. We took the lead, but then fell behind. We went into an intense battle with the boat Changes. We continued to cut them off from starboard to port. After placing in the top 7, we arrived at West End and crossed the finish line at around 10. We ate lunch at port and prepared for the afternoon race. This race was equally intense. We tacked back and forth all afternoon as the race dragged on. We finished in 4th place and it was the perfect end to a fantastic day. After conquering 7 foot waves and a few rain showers, we enjoyed a fantastic end to an extreme day.