Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Maggie B. woke this morning to a bit of rain followed by oatmeal around 7:15. Then we started race day by preparing the boat to sail. After that at 8:45 the race from Sandy Spit to West End began. Our race day started with Jake at the helm, Oscar at the main sheet, Chris at the main halyard with Brendan and David raising the sail. We didn’t get off to the best start, in last place, and couldn’t gain any ground after that. About an hour later we made it to West End still in┬álast place, but it was ok because we had the most fun. We then went to port at West End, where we ate lunch and shopped. After that, the weather changed, and a storm was coming through, so we decided to motor to Peter Island. It ended up that we never got hit with the storm and we just had a relaxing ride to Great Harbor, where we will spend the night after Mexican night. Yummy!