Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After waking up after a BBQ at Sandy Spit, we practiced our knots for the knot test. Afterward, we prepared our boat to go underway. We started our sail practical doing man overboard drills. We split into two groups, one group on the deck, the other below deck practicing knots. Afterward, we went to West End, where we arrived on the first day. We had lunch in a restaurant and then returned to the boat and prepared it for the race. All the skippers and captains of all the boats then had a meeting explaining the course of the race. As we left the dock and went to the starting line, Sara was on the helm. When the race started, I was on the helm. We had a good start, immediately being in first or second place. After three or four tacks, Teun went on the helm. With two boats quitting the race, we had a good lead. Afterward, Leo went on the helm with Lascaris on our tail. Nearing the finish line with Alexa on the helm, we had to tack to make the finish line. This greatly slowed us doing, cutting it close. However, we, of course, got first place, singing “We Are The Champions” as we crossed the finish line. When we anchored our boat, we saw Ocean Star, a 90-foot boat owned by Global Expeditions. We then ended our day with Mexican night, eating tortillas, and making a mess.