Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

This morning I woke up along with everyone else and ate cereal and talking about earlier this morning at 3 am we tried pranking Blue Tide and after we did and were about to leave Smash, woke up and told us not to prank boats that sleep lightly before laughing and sending us back to bed. We then went sail practicing, and it rained really hard, and we acted like it was a roller coaster and went “woooooh” until the boat would go down the waves. For lunch, we had quesadillas, which made the floors greasy, and we started sliding around and laughing really hard. After our chefs Rob and Leah who made the quesadillas came up we soon ran out, so Robbie and I used the last of our tortillas to make more. Then after we were done Ellie, Morgan, and Rachel went into the cabin and started sliding around from the waves and the grease from the quesadillas. Then Charli and Mel went on the cabin house roof, and a huge wave came and soaked Charli. After that, we came to the anchorage and me, Johnny, Kiran, and Robbie fell asleep on the blue lagoon, and Margaux messed with us by telling us we fell asleep and it was day 15 and had to get ready for the hike. Then we all ate dinner, and after this, we have a sail chat and bed.