Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up at 7 and ate oatmeal for breakfast. We headed for the port at the West End of Tortola and ate an early lunch at a restaurant called Pusser’s. After some souvenir shopping, we left West End to go to GHP where we were going to have a night dive, but there was a slight conflict with the stormy weather. When the rain stopped, Marina taught everyone how to make Turk’s head bracelets. After dinner, we had movie night on another boat, Grand Cru. We finally got to watch Finding Nemo. Even though we didn’t get to go diving today, it was a lot of fun spending quality time as a boat. Tonight was Mexican Night for dinner, and everyone got to make their burritos. Eli bought hot mango sauce when we were at the port today, and it was really good on the burritos.