Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we got up bright and early at 5.30am to be the ‘victims’ of the final scenario for the Rescue course. It was really fun to be on the other side of the scenario, pretending to be panicked/unresponsive was a blast. The Rescue students did a fantastic job, even though they were less than pleased being woken up so early! After returning to Saleya, we ate pancakes and fried eggs for breakfast (thank you Claire!), and afterwards, we set off to Road Town for lunch and port time. Port time is always nice because its a great time to relax and hang out, eat land food, talk with your family and…. check your instagram feed. We spent a while at Road Town and at 3.30pm we headed back to Peter Island. Back at Peter Island we had a knot relay; two teams pitted against each other to see who could properly complete 4 knots the fastest. Alissa, myself, Justin and Jake won convincingly. After our epic win we played around in the water and showered. Now we are getting ready for breakfast for dinner, one of the best dinners in my opinion. In conclusion, it was a pretty great day!