Location: Little Harbor, Jost van Dyke

The night before John and Mara went to another boat and tied up their anchor so that in the morning they had to dive down to get the anchor up. We woke up at 5 Am, due to another boat pranking us by putting crushed up bread on our hardtop, in the boat’s defense, John threw Iced Tea Powder at them. After that, we had bagels and yogurt; we then sailed to our first dive site, which is called Shark Point, where we rafted up with another boat. The Dolphins then had their first project research dive, and the Neptunes had a lovely fun dive. Ethan and I saw a Blacktip shark, Dolphins, and stingrays. We then put all our dive gear on the other boat and headed to the other dive site, where Dolphins had another research dive and Neptunes had another free dive. Due to me and Ethan spending a lot of time on our dive, the dingy left earlier than us, so we hung out at the other boat for a bit. While we were relaxing on the boat, a huge storm blew through so of course, the crew took the opportunity to put on soap and take a freshwater shower! The boats rafted up again, and the Dolphins went turtle tagging, and the Neptunes went for an equipment lecture. After this, we sailed to Great Harbor, where we had dinner and got ready for another lifeworks session.