Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we woke up with three new shipmates (now friends) from San Souci, since we pranked them last night by trading three people from our boat to theirs and vice-versa. After that, we sailed all the way to “Shark Point” for our first dive of the day. My buddy group and I saw some amazing things like a giant tarpon and a beautiful moray eel. It was an amazing dive. We also rafted with “Seas the day” (another AQ dive-side boat) and became closer to them because of the time we spent together, as well as going water skiing and kneeboarding. Later in the day, we moored in Cane Garden Bay where we spent the rest of the day jumping around on the trampoline and having a dance party while singing our hearts out. During dinner, we had Mike over and ate/shared stories. We also did a bonding activity and listened to a tape that made us all feel sentimental and grateful for everything we have. Most of us spent the night talking, but I was out like a light. Overall it was a pretty chill day filled with lots of laughs and new friendships.