Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Hello, fellow audience of Sweet Spots blog. I’m skipper again, and therefore I am writing to you today. We are almost done with our session on AQ, and we are all sad to see this trip come to end. Today we woke up underway, and Preston so kindly made pancakes for everyone since our chef was still asleep. Although I was grateful for the pancakes, I made eggs on beans on toast. We were also accompanied by Jake for our motor over to Blue Chromis on Cooper Island. We were the first dive boat to arrive, and we hooked the mooring ball. Soon after, all the Rescues and Neptunes set up our gear to go on our dives. Ben, Preston, and Fernando joined the other Neptunes on the other boat and did two wreck dives on a sunken tugboat. All seven Rescues were told that we were going on a fun dive that was student-led. Brabee and I did not quite believe this as Sarah, a staff member on Yo Dawg, was joining us on our “fun dive.” After planning and splashing for our dive, we were about 10 minutes in when Sarah started Rescue’s second scenario and was an amazing actor. She was a nonbreathing unconscious victim that we had to bring to the surface and back to the boat. Brabee gave rescue breathes all the way to the boat as Alexis used her amazing swimming skills to get back to the boat and start protocols we were trained to do. Julia and Ellie helped collect the gear as Brabee and I were taking it off of our victim. Once we arrived at the boat, Natalie and Ryan safely got Sarah out of the water and continued rescue breaths. I then completed CPR on a buoy as we don’t want to hurt Sarah but want to keep the rescue scenario as real as possible. This was definitely the best scenario we have done as we all learned to work as a team. After our debrief of the rescue scenario, Dylan very nicely made us veggie garden burgers for lunch. All the rescues stepped up and helped fill in the jobs of the Neptunes as they were still gone on their dive. We started to do the last of our EFR, and we were soon joined by the Neptunes and then underway to go back to Great Harbor Peter for the night. We arrived at GHP, and Alexis hooked the mooring ball, and we were off to our ocean showers. We all on Sweet Spot have been taking extra long showers as we all know we will soon be home and miss our ocean showers. Tonight was Mexican night for dinner. Natalie worked so hard on dinner as some of the rescues studied a little bit more before our exams that are being taken right after dinner. During dinner, we had made the executive decision that we were gonna wake up at 4:30 in the morning to drive Shaka over to Aqua Marine to pull a prank on them… I don’t know if we will actually wake up, but we will let you know in tomorrow’s blog. As of right now, we are planning on zip-tying their PFD’s under the tramp and possibly hiding two of them so that whoever those are that have to wear the type 5 PFD, which is not fun. We just completed cleanup for the night, and the rescues are about to take our two final exams to be rescue certified… wish us luck!! After our exams, I’m making fried Oreos as a celebration of finishing the fun but hard rescue course! I love and miss everyone and can’t wait to see everyone in a few short days. As always, thank you for reading Harley’s blog. XOXO Harley.