Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

As soon as breakfast started we were already stressing about our sailing practicals that would take place right after we ate our scrumptious cereal. One by one each of us took the helm and answered a series of questions including points of sail. Unfortunately the staff refused to tell us if we passed or failed, which we are all anxiously waiting to find out. After everyone was done we finished sailing to port and hung out there for a while. We ate, shopped, and thoroughly enjoyed the indoor plumbing. Next we sailed for approximately two hours. Before showering we blew up our new boat’s mascot, a whale floaty that we named Moby. Though the showers weren’t very fun because of the amount of jellyfish in the water. At this time the staff was preparing Mexican night for dinner. After the chaos of cleaning up, we ended the day with a fascinating Lifeworks forum that clearly all of us enjoyed!