Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

This morning I awoke to the wonderful smell of pancakes, one of the best breakfasts yet. We all slowly woke up to all the other boats rafted next to us, which was cool to see our friends. Shortly after, Ted climbed the mast of Panasea and got a sweet aerial shot of sail side all rafted together at Sydney’s. After that the lines were let loose, the anchors brought up, and PFDs on, and Bella C. set sail. The Vegas had their big sail practical this morning. While they all studied the difference between tacking and heaving to, the DMs had the morning to themselves. For lunch, Doug made awesome chicken salad. The food today has been amazing. After lunch, we sailed over to Sandy Spit, where everyone relaxed on the gorgeous, small island while the DMs did our mapping project. Dinner shortly followed, which consisted of rice and beans and hot dogs, and cornbread. Thanks, Emma and Tim. After everyone headed over to Lifeworks on Odyssea while the DMs did more mapping.