Location: Alina V.

Today was great! We woke up to the morning CD and saw the staff off the boat for a staff meeting. Sofia and Isabelle made wonderful french toast. It was one of the best breakfasts I’ve had this trip. After cleanup, we all changed and suntanned on the bow while we waited for Emelia, Lucy, and Rudy to return. After they got back we had a short sail to the Playgrounds, a beautiful dive site. The Neptunes did a dive first thing while the Dolphins met to brainstorm for our project papers. After the divers got back, Sofia and Isabelle made delicious ramen noodles. We set up dive gear after lunch and then it started pouring rain. Soon, we had the best motor ever! It was so bumpy and we were jumping all over the trampoline and got soaked! Soon we had a great dive. The Neptunes had their own dive and saw a giant spotted eagle ray. The Dolphins had their last research project dive and saw a variety of coral. We had another great motor back to the anchorage. Mike came over for dinner of hot dogs and beans. We are going over to Moko Jumbie for a Lifeworks forum tonight. I can’t wait for tomorrow!