Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we got woken up the latest we have this trip which was a solid 7:30, but most of us still woke up at 6:30. Ben was the last one to be woken up and was woken by Ethan screaming fire, and that the boat was sinking, Ben still didn’t wake up. He finally woke up to the smell of breakfast consisting of french toast, which was really good but was a lot of work, so shout out to our chefs today (James). We then motored over to our research dive site for the day, which is called the playgrounds. This dive site is also notoriously known for having sharks, so everyone already knew it was going to be a fun dive. Once we geared up and got into our project groups for the dive, we then loaded all of our gear into the dingy and rode over on top of the reef. All of the other boats then carried their stuff onto Rose and splashed off their boat, however, we decided to put all of our gear on in the dingy and splash navy seal style. Once in the water, my group took the temperature at the surface for our data then descended into the reef to swim around. There was so much finger coral everywhere on the dive that it made a pathway to follow from the boat to the outside of the reef. Once down, there were a lot of fun corals and fish to look at. We were almost back to the boat when we finally saw two reef sharks that made the dive for us. Once back on the boat, we had a short motor away from the beach to pump tanks. Then we all took long naps in the sun on the roof and tanned. Surprisingly I am not burnt yet. However, someone got a fun tan line of a hand on their stomach (ben). We were awoken by the chefs saying lunch was ready, and it was one of the best lunches yet, boxed mac and cheese and blueberry muffins. Then we dinghied to the beach and hung out at the beach with all the other boats. Then we came back to Orka Tew to change for the beach bbq which was just a sand bar in the middle of nowhere. All of the boats brought all of their shipmates in, and Jon cooked burgers. It was fun to hang out with all of our friends on the other boats. Once back on our boat, we all were reluctant to take showers because it was dark and cold, but we were so sandy, and it feels so much better to be clean. Now we are all getting ready for bed. I miss my dog.