Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today’s day 9 and already going by so fast. Today was so fun and after the Lifeworks chat last night we’re all so close and having fun. Today’s day started at 6:15 am. After a yummy breakfast and long cleanup, we headed out for water skiing and tying knots. Then we went to our last confined water dive to get ready for our first open water dive tomorrow! Lunch came and went and we headed to a navigation sail chat and Pico sail races. My team won by a long shot! After we spent free time sailing and swimming. Mo is the best person to sail with and he makes everyone laugh. We came back for showers and got changed to get ready for the squeeze and dinner. I’ll just brag quickly- I got dressed and ready in four minutes and usually, it takes me and Meghan 30 minutes. Dinner was good, and with another long cleanup and our final scuba chat til our big exam. Wish us luck!