Location: Isola Del Giglio

Bonifacio is a port that has given sailboats and motor vessels alike, a harbor of protection against rough seas. The tall, steep, cliff sides create a natural barrier from the wind to those who seek refuge inside. The port of Bonifacio is said by many scholars, to be the place where Ulysses, from Homer’s Odyssey, and his fleet were ambushed by the Lastrigonians while avoiding the rough. After eating breakfast today, we went to explore the mountain side of Bonifacio. The cliffs were, for the most part, a sheer two hundred feet drop into rocks and water. The hike showed the not so hidden beauty that Bonifacio holds, from the ancient walls of the old town to the modern waterfront. Upon return to the boat, we began passage preparations for the next, and final, leg of our journey to Rome. Leaving the harbor was difficult due to the fact that we were wedged in between two super-yachts, that if not for the roaming fenders, we would have had a few expensive collisions. We are now on our way to the Giglio Island where the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized, and after that is where we make the last stop of the trip.