Location: Marina Cay

This morning started with a later wake-up at 8:00, which was much needed. Our chefs whipped up some delicious pancakes, and we discovered the hidden Nutella. After that, we got underway to begin a long day of sail training. We practiced picking up mooring balls, taking the helm, and tacking and gybing. Everyone got a chance to take the helm and successfully steer Shape Up. Trent and Jake took some afternoon naps, and Sloane braided everyone’s hair, including the boys’. Kari sailed with us, and we stopped for yet another lunch of sandwiches. After lunch, some of the girls took pictures on the cameras they brought because the view was gorgeous. We sailed some more until we reached Marina Cay, where we filled up on water and are now making dinner. We are having tortellini tonight and will end the night with Lifeworks. Lifeworks helps the shipmates learn more about themselves and each other. Today was very educational, and I think we all learned a lot. The things we learned today will be very helpful for our exam coming up.