Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We woke up at 7:30, yes, 7:30 that late. It all started when Christian P was working in the kitchen trying to boil water for oatmeal. At his side was Lauren and they did an excellent job. We sailed downwind to Brewer’s Bay. At Brewer’s, we dove twice at Shark Point. The first dive consisted of a naturalist dive in which we had to search for examples of symbiotic relationships. The second dive was a research dive which each group does their observations underwater. We made it back safely to the boat which is always some miracle because the staff does not dive with us anymore. After that, we rushed to another cat because a group caught a Hawksbill turtle. We were shown the process of measuring the turtle and how to scan for a PIT tag properly. We came back to our boat, and we set sail to Cane Garden Bay to refill our tanks and anchor. We had Thai peanut chicken for dinner, and we watched a movie about dolphins called the Cove.