Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

We woke up on day 13 to the chefs cooking eggs and muffins, a boat favorite. After breakfast, the boat split into two groups to waterski, wakeboard, and kneeboard. One of our shipmates, Ashley, managed to pull off a 360 turn on the kneeboard, and Ana jumped the wake with style on a wakeboard. We all returned to the boat where our skipper Elise taught us how to make Turk’ s Heads, a friendship bracelet that you make on your wrist or ankle and then burn the ends together, making it hard to remove. Then we sat down for lunch, which was cheddar and broccoli soup. We then got on the dinghy to go to the dive boat, where we would complete our third and fourth open water dive. During our third dive, we learned how to use our compasses to navigate on the surface and underwater, as well as reviewing some old skills. On our fourth dive, we became official PADI certified open water divers! We were all super stoked, and Charlie, Thomas, Fernando, and I engaged in some underwater horseplay, which included pushing each other’s purge buttons (the button that uses air to clear your regulator). We returned to the boat for showers and some chill time before the BBQ. We were all happy to have burgers and hot dogs on the beautiful beach, as well as socializing with other boats, however we were really excited to come back to the boat and end the night with the Disney musical Moana, an appropriate movie considering it is about a girl that sails away from her island village to save her people from an evil darkness that is killing their fish, leaving no food for the villagers. We all fell asleep during the movie, and it was a nice way to end a long and fun day.