Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Day 13 is the most important day, we passed our PADI exam, and we finally got the OW PADI Certificate. It was a beautiful day, very sunny and not so much windy, a perfect day for diving and wakeboarding. My favorite part of the day was definitely diving, but the most exciting part of the day is the beach BBQ because I am going to meet many more people from other boats. The lunch was perfect; I really enjoy the soup, the dinner is the most enjoying part of the day because we are going to get burgers and finally have to speak and meet other people. I like to get to know everyone and to make friends with as many people as possible. A really good day like always. The BVI is a really good place to sail, the view unbelievable, there are so much to see, and I think I’ll definitely come back to the BVI one day in my life.