Location: Boda Hamn

As I awoke from my glorious sleep to Travis telling me to wake up for the day at around 8, I realized that it was the last day on the boat, and the thing that made it better was the fact that Wilks was making French toast. After our amazing breakfast, we started the long process of setting up the ROV to investigate the target that we discovered the day before. After we checked all of the features to make sure that they worked, we threw our big ROV (a.k.a. “Scooter”) into the water. But pretty much every time you do archeology, something goes wrong, we had a scare of almost getting tangled in the mast of the target, but we got out of it. After that, we thought it would be best to take a lunch break of grilled cheese, also made by Wilks. After we stuffed ourselves with processed cheese, ham, and bread, we decided to take another look at the target. Now with our known knowledge of the obstacles down around 85 meters, we maneuvered around the absolutely breathtaking target with grace and ease. Around four, we decided to pull the ROV out, pack up, and motor over to Boda, which was the last place that we would sleep on the boat. During the motor over, the shipmates did a general cleaning of the boat and our personal spaces and packed up. As soon as we pulled into Boda, we had an audience of onlookers as we usually do, because of the size of our boat. Once we were all tied up, we sat down for our last dinner on the boat as a group. We had burritos, which were delicious. We cleaned up the dishes from dinner, watched an awesome slide show about the entire trip that was made by Sarah, and went to bed.