Location: West End, Tortola

We awoke for this last day here with both immense joy and sadness in our hearts – sad to leave, yet happy to soon arrive home. Patriotic music (In celebration of the Fourth of July) filled the air as we had a fantastically scrumptious breakfast. Shortly after, we were lining up our vessel for the annual Action Quest sailboat race. Four boats enter the race, three of which will have their pride obliterated by the end of the day. Lines were heaved, and sails raised by our loyal crew, and orders were given by our amazing skipper/leader Shona. The wind blew strongly and filled our sails, pushing us through the ocean waves. We were quickly overtaken by the other ships, but we had not lost faith. It was obvious that the other ships had nothing on us. After a couple of exhilarating hours of watching the waves crash into the sides of our boat, the other ships shrink on the horizon, and spotting squid-like beings leap out of the ocean. We arrived last in the race by maybe a literal mile(s). However, we know for a fact that Shape Up was obviously the boat that had the most fun throughout the process. A while after arriving at the finish, we turned our ship around and started to use our trusty motor and motorboat over to West-End. While underway, we gave Shape Up the cleaning she deserved by thoroughly scrubbing and washing the Galley, Saloon, Deck, and everything else. We removed every spot and stain that we left on our boat, and after a couple of hours, Shape Up could never look better. We packed our bags, and suddenly you could once again walk without tripping over something. We hung out and enjoyed our well-deserved break on our ship, swimming and having fun. We talked and revisited our favorite memories with each other making all of us both happy by recollecting the fun times and sad, knowing it will all end soon. The day has not yet ended, and the sun has not yet set, but it has been a wonderful time here. After what I am assuming will be a phenomenally delectable feast in the afternoon, we shall squeeze one last time, share our favorite memories, funniest moments, embarrassing confessions, and happiest times. We will later lie down on the bow of our ship for the last time all together and gaze at the twinkling star-filled night sky. One by one, we all will drift into slumber as we end our last day here in the beautiful Caribbean.