Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

To end last night, Trey swam with the tarpons, which tend to inhabit the bottom of our boat at night. He got some incredible pictures on the disposables and was very brave. Garrison, Allie, and Shona made us some delicious brookies (brownie+cookie) while we watched Trey’s venture into the Tarpon-infested water. Today the shipmates had the ability to sleep in an extra hour due to the anchors of two of the other boats being stuck. Shona came to the rescue and helped the other boats get their anchors up. Shortly after, we began our journey to Road Town to get our last COVID tests while the chefs Sloane and Michelene made us some tasty Quaker Oats Oatmeal. Once all the boats arrived at Road Town, each group was taxied to the local hospital to get their COVID tests. It was very exciting because it was our first day on land since arrival. Then all of the boats left and began to sail to Savanah Bay. While we were on our way, the chefs whipped up some scrumptious sandwiches for lunch. We took turns helming and lounged on the deck, watching the islands pass by. At Savanah Bay, the shipmates swam in the ocean and successfully attempted backflips off of the dingy. Everyone then took their saltwater showers, and the chefs started to make beef stroganoff for dinner. After dinner, the shipmates will attend their first sailing class, hang out on deck, and get ready for bed.