Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today was a great day! We had an early morning (6:30 am) and had cereal for breakfast. After breakfast, we all got together with the other boats, and Mike gave us all a chat. After that, we hopped back on the boat and got ready to get underway. Once we were off the dock, we had to raise the sails and had a fun trip to White Bay, Peter Island. When we got there, we finally got to jump in the water for our swim test! As soon as we were done with that, we split up into two groups of six and got ready to go diving. Six of us stayed on the boat learning all the different knots, and the other half went on their check out dive, which consisted of practicing the basic diving skills. Once the first group surfaced, the rest jumped into the water to do their check out, dive. After that, we worked on a section of our dive books and took our first official AQ ocean shower – it was great! Today was an overall great day, and we had lots of fun! I can’t wait for the days ahead! (PS. Hi Mom!)