Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a long and memorable day. We started early in the morning to the sound of our morning CD. After a quick meal of oatmeal and fruit we set off from Vixen Point to Peter Island, a voyage that would last approximately 3 hours with last night’s great party still on our minds. Many of us went to sleep to prepare for our action-packed schedule awaiting our arrival in GHP. After mooring in the bay we visited our sister ship, Blue Venture for a lecture on deep diving while our Dolphins learned about digital underwater photography. Following the lessons we set up our gear for, our first (and my personal favorite) deep dive! On our dive we took several “toys” including an egg, a Styrofoam carton, and an empty water bottle, all used to show the effects of pressure. The dive was great and I can honestly say that we all enjoyed it. After our ascent from the bottom we enjoyed a nice fresh water shower and began to prepare the meal for our Mexican burrito night. We are now scrubbing down the boat and waiting to host a wreck diving lesson to learn many techniques which we will use to our advantage when we dive the Rhone tomorrow!