Location: Anegada

Today was a long and busy day! We got to sleep in a bit this morning, luckily, especially after the long party last night. We started on our long sail to Anegada! We sailed for 2.5 hours from Virgin Gorda… it was SO sunny! We finally got there, and the island looked soooo much different from previous islands! All the other island are mountainous, but Anegada is long and flat, which is crazy! Once we anchored, we got the news that Grins, the other Lifeworks boat, was having technical problems so we had to wait awhile after lunch before we could head to the island. Once everything was all good, we took the dinghies to the dock where we got split into three groups. In our groups, we were assigned different parts of the island to walk about and look for trash on a scavenger hunt for specific things, such as a toothbrush or shoe. Our groups all walked around different beaches from all different parts of the island looking for our objects; on the way all the groups saw really cool things like sharks or stingrays. We walked for about three miles on the beach until we met Torin in a meeting spot where he took us on a wild car ride in the back of a truck back to town. After that walk, none of us had been happier to see him in our life! It really was beautiful, and the sand was unbelievable! When we got back to the boat, we had a GREAT reward of Mexican night! We were all so happy, and we loved it so much. A great ending to a great day! P.S. Hi, Mom, Dad, and Emme! I miss you guys so much!:)