Location: Marina Cay

Day 11: Cordelia
Title: Dive Day
Today we had a calm morning due to counselors letting us sleep in. This morning was taken up by a stop at Spanish town to refill our freshwater tanks. After refilling our tanks, we were back on the road headed for our first open water dive site. After two rigorous confined water dives, and five extremely informative dive videos, our hard work had paid off, and we were able to go out for a real dive. We went for two 30 minute dives through the afternoon, going down 42.7 feet. We saw beautiful coral cities inhabited by many beautiful fish and even a humongous lobster. We all were calm and collected under the water, using our newly learned skills throughout the dive. Everyone returned to the boat happy and tired. After lots of snacking, relaxing, and recounting our dive, we were underway once more headed for Marina Cay. Once we arrived, we blasted music while showering in the refreshing ocean. Showers are one of everyone’s favorite parts of the day because we all get to laugh and splash together to close out our busy days. During our showers today, I got into a dangerous battle with one of the jellyfish in the ocean. Though I came out of the war with a battle wound, I still closed out the day feeling victorious. Some members of the boat even indulged in naming my opposition, Jellifer. We watched the sunset while eating dinner with our guest for the night, Carlie. After dinner, we talked, cleaned up, and got ready for another restful night. Now that we are over the halfway point of our trip, we have all settled nicely into boat life and looking forward to getting dive certified and growing even closer. The whole boat has wonderful chemistry, and I couldn’t imagine another group of people I would want to spend this time with.