Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

First, open water dive!! Today was a cool day. We started with our first dive at a reef and did two dives. Peter loved seeing all of the fish in his many books. After the dive, we came back to Salsa and had grilled cheese with a side of PB+J. After lunch, we went to Blue Tide where we went Zesting. I went with Griffin, and we had a great time even though the wind was weird. Going to back to scuba diving, we did a much better job of not complaining. I liked seeing a baby yellowtail damselfish. Now back to the afternoon. After Zesting we went wakeboarding. Jake was teaching May and me to do 360s, and we had a lot of fun. I fell a lot but finally got good at it. Meanwhile, some of the girls, Peter, and Griffin stayed on the boat and had a dance party. Tonight for dinner had had a July Thanksgiving. I think it was one of the best dinners yet. Meme loved our American food. Now I am writing this waiting for brownies to be served. Tonight we are having a sail chat.