Location: The beautiful old part of Monte Carlo

Today was a long but great day. We woke up at seven thirty with toad in the hole and cinnamon bread circles. We started our walk up toward the old part of Monte Carlo, which leads us through a pretty garden. Once up in the city, we looked for a museum, found it, then killed some time walking through another garden, with beautiful statues and fountains. Also, we went to a cafĂ© and got our second breakfast of the day. The Maritime Museum of Monaco was worth the seven Euros and should be seen by anyone who goes to Monaco. You walk in to see a giant octopus hanging from the ceiling, and it just gets better from then on. To the left is a room of fossils and sculpture of animals found around Monte Carlo, to the right is where they have governmental meetings. The room was beautiful and full of paintings of octopus for the octopus exhibit. Downstairs was a small but cool aquarium filled with all animals of the sea. We saw Nemo, or several Nemos, seahorses, and all sorts of other fish ranging in a variety of colors and sizes. On the third floor of this incredible museum was the Prince of Monaco’s wedding tuxedo and the princesses wedding gown. The room to the left was full of model sailboats and to the right skeletons of Whales and giant fish. The museum was full of tons of things, most of which had nothing to do with each other. We sailed out of Monaco to a random bay to take our crew mans test which took some of us a second try to pass. The old city of Monte Carlo was a great place to end our trip.