Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

After waking up from a rejuvenating extra 15 minutes of sleep, our boat was ready to “seas the day.” A breakfast of French toast was prepared, and we enjoyed an hour and a half of reading, tanning, and chatting on the terrace. Shortly after, we set sail for the Northern side of Tortola, enjoying the ocean breeze, as well as each others’ company. There was a brief lunch of chicken salad sandwiches before arriving at Mountain Point. Both Neptunes and Dolphins had a chance to enter the water from our dingy, using the Navy Seals backward rolls. We dove the “Kracken” wreck site, marking our group’s second wreck dive. We sailed to our anchoring spot for the evening and ate a chili and rice dinner. We are now preparing for our student-led night dives, so wish us luck!