Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today began the first of many rotation days here on Bella Christine. We began with a wonderfully scrumptious breakfast of cereal. Then shortly after first rotation began the Vegas got their first taste of scuba diving while we DMs went over skills to help assist our open water divers. Vegas were then shuttled over to waterskiing, where we discovered Kimberley is a professional waterskiier. Not only did she show everyone up, but no one was able to come close to her Olympian skills. Windsurfing followed after a quick lunch (thank you chef Leah) which we loved. Third rotation consisted of windsurfing, which I heard was awesome. As a DM I miss out on all the fun of rotation day, but it’s ok because all of the diving makes up for it. While we helped set up gear for open waters, the Vegas learned how to drive dinghies and tie trusty sailor knots. Dinner has never tasted so wonderful, considering all the bodybuilding that was done today. I discovered we are dive sherpas on rotation day 🙂 The Vegas are heading over to their first Lifeworks session with Mike, while we have another dive chat! It’s a dive dive dive dive world here, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.